Text Readability Analysis

Text Readability Analysis

Use this method to analyze readability of a text. The method returns Flesch Reading Ease details, as well as SMOG and GFI scores.

Method name is /TestReadability

Payload is a JSON object. A sample is given below.

    "text": "Tetris is a video game developed in the Soviet Union in 1984. The goal is to drop blocks, called tetrominoes, down into a playing field to make lines. Tetrominoes are made of four connected squares each, and there are seven different shapes of tetrominoes.[1] A player uses the tetrominoes to make unbroken lines of squares across the bin from left to right by stacking them in the playing field. When a player makes a line, it clears. After a clear, squares over that line fall. As play goes on, the tetrominoes fall faster."

Response is also a JSON object. A sample is given below.

  "fleschReadingEase": {
    "score": 64.17580645161294,
    "schoolLevel": "8th and 9th grade",
    "explanation": "Plain English. Easily understood by 13- to 15-year-old students."
  "smog": 9.236282656511921,
  "gfi": 7.894930875576037

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